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All Things Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs
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This is a community dedicated to the all-singing, all-jumping sensation that is Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs.

All Chiefs fans are welcome, but we'd like to see the posting focused on the slinky indie ninja!!!

Just a few things...

NO fanfic and NO talk of Ricky's personal life here, please. Keep it to pics, interviews, meetings, and other fluff. Any fanfic or intrusive posts will be deleted.

Please put large posts or picspams behind an lj-cut. Everyone will thank you for that.

Your moderator is ohsparrow and she is nothing without she_said_yeye, moderator and designer extraordinaire.

Background images provided by the lovely and essential Ricky Wilson Fansite. Give Aneza props, she is an amazing woman and the source for all things Ricky.

And lastly, if we have one of your pics posted, and we haven't credited you, we are absent minded and old, nothing personal. Just send an e-mail, and we will be sure to mention you! Thank you!